Automatic Gate

Automation, Gate operator.

The automatic gate, has a simple goal: to open and close your gate without you having to leave your car.

The apparent simplicity of this objective should not let you forget the different variables to take into account for a successful installation and configuration of your automatic gate:

  • type of opening: swinging or sliding
  • the choice of the mechanism and the motorization kit
  • the material: metal, wood, PVC, aluminum ...
  • the dimensions of the gate (length and height)
  • the weight of the gate
  • options bringing comfort and security: alarm, remote control, signaling light, motion or obstacle detector (child, dog, wheelbarrow ...)
  • the study of the possibility of a solar power supply
  • operation in case of power failure
  • the integration of this element into an existing home automation system

Every project is different and our experience will guarantee you the best possible configuration for the automation of your gate system.