During their construction, a building, a private house or a commercial building will have to comply with the current with electrical codes.

However as existing electric facilities age, standards constantly change, also users’ needs change and current technologies develop these will need modification over the years.

Although the building, housing or commerce may therefore not be up to current building standards, safety must not be overlooked.

In addition the electrical system must evolve to fit current your needs.


For individuals, it is recommended to test and if necessary change or update their electrical system every 10 years.

For the professionals, it is mandatory to have the electrical installation checked and verified by an authorized independent body and at a rate of once per year.

If you need further information or knowledge on this subject, please consult the information published by the Promotelec association.

For individuals, do not hesitate to contact us directly. We can carry out a complete report of your electrical installation and devise the necessary changes in order of priority.

For the professionals, we usually intervene following the periodic report submitted and ensure that you obtain excellent results at the next control.

Do not hesitate to contact us